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How To Destroy A SIM Card?

SIM cards are small but powerful tools to store information. Our phone number, contacts, PIN and PUK codes, and more are inside a SIM card. It allows us to do much more than make and receive calls and send text messages. Our cell phones would be useless without a SIM card unless we are under a Wi-Fi connection.

That is why the best place for it to be is inside a cell phone. But, what happens when we do not longer need the SIM card? What should we do with it?

Here below we will talk about the risks of having a SIM card that we are not going to use anymore, and describe seven effective methods to destroy it.

Let’s continue reading and find much more about it:

What Happens If I Lose My SIM Card?

There are several problems related to losing a SIM card, however, before describing them we need to know what kind of information is stored inside it.

We invite you to read one of our previous articles called “What Information Is Stored On A SIM Card?” where we explain with further detail the subject. However, let’s say that the most important thing our SIM card stores are our phone number.

For those who believe that it is not a matter of concern, think twice. Nowadays we tend to link our phone numbers to our social media accounts and more importantly, our bank accounts. People with access to our contacts and phone number and with special hacking abilities can use that information to disable the security features that protect our accounts. After that, they will be able to drain our funds.

That is the most worrying reason for losing a SIM card, not to mention that another person will be using your phone number to make calls and send messages, and possibly charging you for this.

Now, if you have a SIM card that you are no longer using, you have two options: store it or destroy it. Storing it could be a good option if you think you may use it in the future, however, if it is not the case, then better get rid of it.

Here below we will discuss some methods to destroy a SIM card. And when we say destroy we mean to permanently erase any data that it contains. Let’s start!

7 Methods To Destroy A SIM Card

Find out 7 methods to destroy your SIM card and keep your information private! Some of them require tools and others just your bare hands. Read on and choose the one that is more viable for you.

Snap the SIM Card with your fingers

This is an easy way to destroy a SIM card, and you do not need more than your fingers. You just have to take the card between your index and thumb fingers, and break it into two or more pieces. You need to be sure that the gold contacts are broken because all the data is stored there.

Bury the SIM Card

Instead of breaking it, you can also bury the SIM card. Choose a place where probably no one will find it, for example, your backyard, and dig a small hole. The good thing about this method is that moisture will corrode the SIM over time, so it will become useless too.

Use scissors to destroy the SIM Card

If you do not want to use your nails or fingers to snap the SIM card, then you can use a tool as scissors. Take them and cut the card across the middle. Always make sure that you are destroying the gold contacts!

Submerge it into water

Although SIM card providers say that the cards are waterproof, the truth is that they cannot survive long-term water exposure. A good method to get rid of the SIM card is to fill a glass with water and add a teaspoon of salt. Drop the card in it and make the water and salt work for a while, these two elements will corrode the chip and make it useless.

Destroy SIM Card with a hammer

Do you also want to get rid of the SIM card package? Do not forget that it contains important information too, such as the PIN and PUK code. Using a hammer will be easier (and somehow fun). Choose a firm surface, such as a concrete floor, and smash the card with the hammer. Note that it may take several attempts to destroy the SIM card and its packaging. Be careful not to hit your fingers!

Incinerate SIM Card

Fire will burn the card and will make the electronics useless. Although this could be the most dangerous method, it is well effective. You will need pincers or tongs to hold the card. For the fire, you can use a candle lighter or your stove. We need to say again, be careful. If you believe this is too risky, try one of the aforementioned methods first.

Use a shredder machine to destroy the SIM card

If you work in an office with a shredder machine, you could use it to destroy the SIM card. However, first make sure it also works for plastic and not just paper, because you could damage the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Lose My SIM Card?

If someone finds it, the person can use it and get access to your private information.

Can someone get information from a destroyed SIM card?

If all the electronic parts were damaged, it is not possible to get information from the SIM card.

What is the best method to destroy a SIM card?

You can simply use scissors to cut the card into little pieces.

Now you know that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have a SIM card that you do not plan to use anymore, we recommend that you protect your information and proceed to destroy it. Use one of the methods described above, and remember to be careful!