International roaming: what are the best solutions to avoid huge bills?

Travel around the world either for pleasure or business and be connected to every moment. However, has your mobile phone been working when you crossed the borders of your country last time? Taking and receiving calls from any part of the world. Sending, receiving SMS and surfing the internet with total normality. This is the desire of many international travelers. But the drawback is to deal with the costs of international roaming. When international travelers come to Europe, roaming is generally very expensive and data roaming even more. It is a pain for those who want to remain connected.

International roaming: how to this major issue that every traveler knows

Using your smartphone to search for information such as museums, restaurants, hotels. Accessing maps to find your way, communicate with you family, or send files from work. In several cases, all these simple things turn out to be quite expensive. The good thing is that there are solutions to avoid the bills painful of the international roaming. Avoid the international roaming right from the start of planning your trip. Therefore, we present here the best solutions that allow you to not only avoid international roaming costs but also to be connected at any time during your stay.

Plan your trip

Choose your accommodation with free WiFi or with WiFi at reasonable prices. When planning the trip, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the area where you will be staying and the services that it offers. If you do not want to pay for international roaming charges, it is logical to find places where you can enjoy the access to the internet for free or at low-cost. Why not start with the place where you will be staying? The majority of hotels offer WiFi services. Some for free and others charge it as an extra service. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the bars and cheap cafes that offer WiFi open to tourists who consume. In this way, you will be able to check your emails, chat with friends, call through different applications “without having to spend a penny”.

Block your mobile data as soon as you arrive

By default, most of the smartphones and operating systems have the option to use data roaming blocked. That allows you to query the internet in the foreign country first before you activate the data roaming on the device. It is better to have disabled manual access to all types of data networks during the stay. This prevents that you activate the international roaming by accident. It is important to note that the more advanced phones (eg. smartphones) are more interactive with networks. Even if the person does not use it, it constantly downloads updates while the phone is switched on. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to turn off the roaming mode.


One of the most simple way to avoid roaming charges is to purchase a Prepaid Sim Card to be used in the country of your stay. With the rates of the area, it is quite reasonable. For that you need a mobile released that will accept cards of all types of operators (Sim-lock free). You will have to give the new number to your main contacts, or call them from the time in which you have been introduced the new card. It is an easy and simple operation that enables you to move around the country with a reliable internet connection everywhere. This strategy becomes more common every day, especially among business people who travel very often. You can find the right prepaid data package for Europe here.

Be creative and use applications without needing internet

If you do not have a Prepaid Sim Card with data or not being in an area with free WiFi does not mean to be disconnected with the environment. On the contrary, there are Apps that allow you to function offline depending on the activities you want to perform. If the idea is to find your way within the city, Google Maps has an option to download the area of a map and navigate without an Internet connection. With, you can download an entire state, region or even a whole country. You need to download the map while connected to a WiFi network. With this application, you can search for places without the internet.

Similarly, there are applications that provide complete information about the places, as for example hotels, restaurants, flights, among others. The application TripAdvisor for Android allows you to get these information and even to save information from a particular city so that you can access offline. If you do not speak the language of the country where you will travel, several applications allow you to translate phrases, words from more than 80 countries. First you must configure the application that you choose and download the data of the translation connection according to the language that you choose. So you can read menus in restaurants, signs of transits and posters among others.

Find the WiFi networks

Currently there are several applications that allow you to find WiFi networks available in any place. They have registered more than 7 million in the world today. It seems to be a lot, but indeed that is quite low. One of those applications is called a Free Zone WiFi. You only need to set it up, it automatically connects to the next. This app is free and is available both for Android as for iOS. You can locate the networks in a list that shows only the nearest or on a map. This kind fits well to people who need to occasionally access the internet during their trip, but do not need a reliable connection all the time.

Communicate with internet applicationsUseful Apps for traveling

New services on the internet and increased connection speeds have allowed the boom of mobile applications that facilitate communication and allow saving voice calls. There are specific applications for each task you want to perform. Among others, most popular Apps are Skype, Facebook, Viber, Line and VoipBuster. All of them support, in addition to voice calls, the possibility of making video calls. In order to use them you only need to be connected to the WiFi, download, install the application and the person with whom you want to talk has to have installed the same program, too.
There is a host of solutions to avoid the roaming international. The most important thing is to plan your trip based on your needs of communication, guidance and to be creative. The tips above allow you to avoid the roaming international and most importantly allow you to perform almost the same activities or tasks with almost no expenses.