Mobile plans abroad: which plan to pick if you travel frequently?

mobile plansIf you’re a frequent traveller, chances are you’ve already got an international mobile plan. Indeed, there’s nothing like being able to call back home freely when you’re abroad. Also, being able to browse the Internet can get you out of some unpleasant situations. If you don’t have one, it can be complicated to find your way in all the mobile plans available. In this case, don’t worry! This article is here to help you to choose one, to show what you should be looking for, and what to avoid.

Everyday mobile plans

International planIf you travel a lot, a good international mobile plan is an essential. Being able to call and browse the Internet like in your country will really make you feel at home everywhere. The few plans that offer international coverage as part as the package can be expensive, but they are really worth their price. For a frequent use, you’ll find yourself saving so much money on each trip that it will become worth it. Some offers will be labeled as “international” but won’t include international calls and internet. Instead, you’ll benefit from better rates in certain destinations. While it is less interesting that an all-included package, you may find some attractive offers in this category.

Some mobile plans will come with “international options”. We strongly emphasize on the fact that you should always double check what’s inside. You never know if it isn’t overpriced or totally useless if you did not check before. You may find some interesting offers, but most of the time, the international options are anecdotal, and the packages will never be enough for your stay.

If your plan doesn’t include any kind of international coverage, turn the data roaming off before leaving. Don’t turn it on unless you’re really in need to use it. Depending on your operator and your destination, you can end up paying a lot even for a simple call. Mobile Internet is even worse, as some traveller reported incredible bills due to data roaming.

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Local prepaid plans

EUROPE DATA SIM PREPAIDIf you’re not interested in having a full time international plan, maybe you should check the local prepaid plans. You can find really great deals available without contract, and which allows you to call, send text messages and browse the Internet in your destination. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees with prepaid offer. You pay once and you’re good to go until you reach the limits of your allowance or the credit expiration.

The only inconvenient with this solution is that you should check a lot of hardware characteristics. Your phone must be unlocked, and compatible with the frequence bands of the visited country. Also, if you don’t possess a Dual SIM device, you will have to take out your everyday SIM to insert the local SIM. This means that you won’t be using your usual number until you put it back in, so don’t forget to warn the people who may need to reach you.