Travel tip: 5 things you shouldn’t forget on a trip

Follow each travel tip to make your trip easier!You’re planning a trip and you do not know what important things to take in your suitcase? For each problem you encounter in your organization, we have a travel tip to help you solve it! Here, we recommend five things you shouldn’t not forget while traveling.

Travel tip #1: Travel SIM card

The prepaid SIM card is a great way to save money on a tripThe best thing to do if you want to use your phone abroad is to buy a Prepaid SIM Card. If you’re looking for something easy to use and cheap, the Travel SIM Card is made for you. Get a reliable access to high-speed 4G Internet, calls and text messages during your trip.

The only inconvenient with this solution is that you need to insert the Travel SIM Card in your phone’s SIM slot. It won’t work with CDMA-only devices, as they don’t have a SIM slot. If you don’t possess a Dual SIM terminal, you’ll need to take out your everyday SIM. If so, you won’t be reachable at your regular number, and will be given a local number instead.

Travel tip #2: Check visa and vaccination requirements

All countries have different tourist visa and vaccination requirements. Make sure you follow our travel tip to meet the requirements in advance.This interactive website is very useful to start your research and to be sure to be prepared for your trip.

Travel tip #3: Get travel insurance

Travel insurance covers the cost of loss or theft of personal items trip cancellation and medical emergencies. Our travel tip is to take one that covers your entire journey.

To avoid penalties in terms of price there are different insurances (low cost, medical or international travel). We recommend you to choose it according to your travel style and budget.

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Travel tip #4: Book your accommodation

It may be tempting to be spontaneous but feel free to book your accommodation in advance. This way, you’ll avoid being stuck with the remaining rooms. The hotel staff accept that you book online or by phone and often give very good rooms if you call ahead. If you read the reviews online booking on site often is overpriced.

Travel tip #5: The Pocket wifi

You will use a lot of data in Europe? Maybe the Pocket Wi-Fi is the most appropriate option. It is a small router that fits in your pocket while giving up to 10 devices an access to 4G broadband.

If you’re alone and you don’t plan to use a large amount of data, this probably isn’t the solution for you, as you won’t be able to make full use of the service. Moreover, it doesn’t provide phone service, so if you need it, our travel tip would rather be to get a Travel SIM Card.

Pocket wifi for Europe