Travel tips : Diferents ways to use less Data abroad

Using your phone abroad can became a nightmare because of data roaming fees. In this article, you will find some smart ways to use less data abroad.
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First step to use less data abroad: Check your data usage

Keep an eye on your consumption in order to use less dataAndroid and Iphone allows to download apps to monitor your consumption of data.
For example, My Data Manager is a free app wich allows you to control your consumption of data service. You will use less data: and that’s a good news for your monthly phone bill. It is easy to track your data usage with My Data Manager. You can go to the settings of your phone and see the amount of cellular data you have used lately. It will tell you exactly which app consumes the most.

Restrict Apps from using Cellular data

Restricting some apps is a good way to use less dataSome apps only work while using Wi-Fi networks and won’t be allowed to use data. Some others can use cellular data, which can be catastrophic if you’re abroad. Don’t forget to check which apps use cellular data, and don’t allow them if you want to use less data abroad.

Disable some Apps

Your apps can use a lot of data even though you're not using themSome options of your mobile can use a lot of data without realising it, like your google account for example. Updates of your apps are done automatically, and therefore data are used. So, the Travel SIM Card advice you to disable the push button of your apps

Use reduce web browser data usage

You can use less data abroad by toggling on your navigator's data saverWhen you want to download files, some browsers such as Google Chrome or Opera have a built-in data compression software. These browsers will compress the files sent to your phone in order to minimize their size.

You also can use a VPN solution specialized in data compression. Data compression can induce some quality loss on some files, but it is a great way to use less data abroad.

Disable the geolocation app

Geolocalisation can use a lot of data and you wouldn't noticeYou certernely already recive a push up message passing by a store. It’s means that you have your geolocalisation app on. Some apps geotag you automatically and its use a lot of data.

Disable background app refresh

Disabling the background app refresh is a good way to use less data abroadDisable your background app refresh because some apps are refreshed by your mobile phone itself. Travel SIM Card advice you to close the apps to save data consumption. Updates will be done only when you open them. You can do the same with push notifications to save data.
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