The Different Types of SIM Cards Explained

everything you need to know about sim cards smartphone with sim cards in the backgroundDid you know Roland Moreno wanted to present the SIM in a ring? That wasn’t practical so he put it on a card and because of this amazing creation, nowadays we can be connected. Although the SIM card has been with us for over 40 years, there is a lot of things to learn about it.

Besides if you are looking to buy one, you need to know many things. Like all the types of SIM cards, all its functions and even know what a dual SIM phone is and what it has to do with this chip.

A long time ago, we were sending carrier pigeons. Many melancholic people were waiting for a letter from their beloved ones for months. Now we get crazy if a text is not answered in seconds. SIM technology is the reason for our madness.

At the same time is the tool which allows a medical student to virtually attend a brain surgery. So read these lines to be an expert on the SIM cards differences.


Everything You Need To Know About SIM Card Differences

What is a SIM Card and How Does It Work?

SIM means Subscriber Identity Module. It is a small chip which stores safely the subscriber service key. You need that key in order to identify yourself in the network and be able to enjoy the service. In this way, you can change the customer subscription from one device to another by changing the card.

In this sense, SIM card is a mini computer that functions inside another device like a mobile phone, tablet or pc. It has identity and security resources which make a SIM different to another.

Thus you can have important services like chat, Mobile TV, games and more because SIM browsing technology doesn’t need an internet connection. So the user doesn’t need to pay data traffic to enjoy the service from a mobile network. Instead, the customer will enjoy an intuitive, comfy, safe, efficient and standard technology in any mobile terminal.

You can manage your social media and have access to financial services. That means that you can be enjoying the Toscana sun while you pay your mortgage online. Likewise, you can make and receive calls and text messages and generate all kinds of info backups and of course. SIM card information can be fully backed.


The Different Types of SIM Cards

the different types of sim cards nano micro normal all the sim card differencesThose amazing devices come in different versions. All depends on many aspects, like size, use and range of action. Therefore you need to know some facts to consider before you choose one.


Where Are You Going To Use The SIM Card?

First, you need to know where you are going to use the SIM card. For example, if you are going to have your vacations in a different country, like Japan (because you are a manga freak), you need an international SIM card.

This represents a temporary service, in this sense, many packages are offered in order to keep you in communication, like prepaid or zones plans.

Consequently, a prepaid plan allows you to decide in advance, how much money you will spend on the service. On the other hand, you can choose a zone package which offers coverage by geographic zones.

If you are going to travel to Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam you could choose a European SIM card.

Nevertheless, if you need a permanent service, you can contact the phone companies in your country and choose a SIM card plan which works for you.


Where Are You Going To Insert The SIM Card?

The size of the SIM cards is an important thing to know before its purchase. Nowadays the mobile phone manufacturers are using smaller SIM cards to save space and make the smartphone or device lighter.

Then you can find from SIM card micro to nano in the market. There is a SIM card sizes template where you will select one. You only need to check the SIM card compatibility chart with your tablet, pc or smartphone first to make sure. The classic SIM card dimensions are 25 x 15 x 0,76 mm.

Those SIM cards are used in old devices or economic devices. Micro SIM has 15 x 12 x 0,76 mm. and it was used in iPhone 4 and iPad, while Nano SIM has 12,3 x 8,8 x 0,67 mm. You can use Nano SIM in Apple since iPhone 5, iPad Air and iPad Mini.


What Are The Best SIM Card Options On The Market?

As we have already established, first you need to be clear about your needs and tastes. Meanwhile, the market is full of ideal SIM cards for you like AT&T. This company offers a SIM card sizes template and different packages.

Parallel that, Vodafone has Pay as You Go plans with multiple solutions for you to choose. Orange offers an international SIM card perfect for travelers. Cricket promotes a SIM compatible with every device and T-Mobile has different prepaid and postpaid packages. As you see, there are zillions of options; you only need to make some research to choose the SIM which fits your needs.


What Is The Difference Between CDMA or GSM Technology?

CDMA means Code Division Multiple Access and GSM means Global System for Mobile communications. Both are radio systems used on cell phones. There are some companies that still use CDMA tech. With that system, your device doesn’t use a SIM card. On the contrary, the device has an ESN (electronic serial number) so you can’t change your phone.

However, when you use SIM card types GSM, you can easily remove the chip and later inserting it into another device. This is very practical if you are traveling because you will avoid international roaming which is very expensive.

Read more about Difference between CDMA and GSM.


Changing SIM Cards Means Changing The Phone Number

The answer is yes. You need to remember each SIM card has a number. So if you have your currently SIM card here, in London, when you arrive in New Delhi and get a new chip you will get a new SIM card number. Therefore you need to prepare yourself beforehand. You can order the SIM online and inform your contacts of your new number.


What If You Don’t Want To Change Your Current Number?

Maybe because of your job or any personal reason you need to keep your current phone number. There is a possible way to do it. You can get a dual SIM phone.


What Is A Dual SIM Phone?

what is a dual sim phone smartphone with dual sim slots in the backgroundThis is the solution for those who refuse to change their current phones numbers. A dual SIM phone allows you to insert two different SIM cards. This gadget is also perfect for people who like to separate work contacts to personal contacts.


What Are The Perks of Having a Dual Phone?

As we said, if you need to separate different aspects of your life, this is the perfect tool. It is also very comfy because you will only carry one cell phone. Not only you can separate the phone line but also you will separate the associated apps.

Besides if you are in an area where one of your phones companies doesn’t work, you can use the other. This is also a very useful tool if you are traveling because you keep your current line to communicate back home, let’s say through Skype.

Then you use your new line to make national calls. With this, international roaming is out of the picture.


What Is The Best Dual SIM Mobile?

Even when dual mobile phones are a blest for the customer, for the creators they were a big challenge. Having two SIM card terminals was very hard to create because the design couldn’t interfere with functionality. Due to that, many smartphones have two terminals, one for a SIM card and other for micro SD which is a small flash memory.

Hence, big mobile phone companies have made many incredible dual phones for you to use. Huawei Honor View 10, LG G6, Lenovo Moto G5, Samsung Galaxy S9, Nokia 5 are some of them. There are a lot of dual SIM Android mobile phones in the market for you to choose.


What Types of Dual SIM Card Phones Are There?

The dual SIM card phones have three types. Passive ones which have one transmission antenna, so only one of the two SIM will be active for calls and data while the other is off. The dual standby can make and receive calls through both SIM. But when you are using one line, the other is automatically off.

Finally, the dual call type allows you having calls in both lines at the same time. The phone indicates you what SIM that call is coming from and you decide to take it or not.


What Are The Disadvantages of Using A Dual SIM Phone?

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to have a dual SIM phone. First, most of the dual SIM mobile phones aren’t high tech; second, it is hard to find one. Besides if the phone has a SIM card terminal and a micro SD terminal, you can’t use two SIM cards at the same time. So if you were planning to use two phone lines, you can’t.

Furthermore, if your dual phone allows two SIM card, one of them is usually 4G speed and the other 3G or 2G speed. So say bye to the high speed. Worst case scenario you will have a 4G SIM and the other SIM will work only for calls.

Finally, you must consider having dual SIM card will make your battery phone runs out fast. This is a big disadvantage.


Choose Your SIM Card Wisely

In brief, even when SIM cards seem to be all the same, they all are different. Thus you must to be careful at the moment to make a purchase. First having cleared your needs and preferences and later knowing your devices in order to choose a suitable SIM.

Likewise, if you are thinking about having a dual SIM phone, you already know how it works and if it can be useful for you. You don’t have to be in rush to choose your communication tools. Exploration is our keyword.

Last but not least, try to remember what Roland Moreno once said about his SIM cards: They have the potential to become Big Brother’s little helper. We live in a world where communication means everything for everybody, what do you really feel about it?

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