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Home Blog How to Unlock a SIM Card without PUK Code?

How to Unlock a SIM Card without PUK Code?

Did you accidentally lock your phone & don’t know how to unlock it again?

And we are not talking about the biometric lock or password that you enter to unlock the cell phone itself. We are talking specifically about the SIM card. If by chance you forgot the PIN code and you enter it wrongly three times, your cell phone will be locked and there will be just one way of unlocking it to use it again.

Continue reading and find further information about the codes that you need to unlock your cell phone:

The beginning – The PIN code

As time passes it is less necessary to learn & try to remember all the phone numbers and e-mail addresses that we have on our phones. Why? It’s simply because all the important information that we have about our contacts is stored on that tiny piece of plastic called SIM card. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, and they are unique, which means that you cannot find two SIM cards with the same phone number.

As you can imagine, having all that personal and important information in that piece of plastic could be a problem if you lose your phone. Other people could see the information inside the SIM card just by inserting it into an unlocked cell phone. We hope that it never happens to you, however is always important to be prepare.

To be sure that only you can have access to the information on the card, you can use a PIN code. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, and it is a number that gives you access to the SIM information.

Every time that you restart your phone, it will ask you for four digits. That is the PIN. When you buy a SIM card, it comes in a piece of plastic with information about the mobile carrier. There you will find the PIN code and the PUK code (later on we will talk about it). The PIN shown there is the code that you need to write when you enter the card the first time on your phone.

You can continue using that code, however, you can also change it if you want (that will increase the security if you are worried about that).

However, for some people, it could be annoying having to enter a password every time that they turn on the cell phone. In this case, there is also the possibility of disabling the option. The only downside is that if you lose your SIM card, the one who finds it will be able to see your information there.

How to disable or change the PIN code?

Let’s take a look at the steps to disable the PIN code. This will be useful for those who do not like using a PIN code, but if you do not have it and want to enable it, the steps will also help you.

If you have an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Look for the Cellular option.
  • Tap the option that says SIM PIN.
  • There you need to switch off the Lock SIM card option.
  • If it asks you to enter the PIN code and you have never changed it, enter the default one (you can find it in the plastic card where the SIM card came from). If you had changed it before, enter that code.

To change your PIN, you need to:

  • Follow the same steps mentioned before, and in the SIM PIN menu, tap on Change SIM PIN. It will probably ask you for the previous PIN.

If you have an Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Slide and find the Security option.
  • Tap on Set up SIM card lock.
  • Switch off the Lock SIM card option.

To change your PIN, you need to:

  • Go to the SIM card lock setting and tap Change SIM PIN. If it asks you for the previous SIM card, the same information mentioned before applies.

I locked my SIM card! What can I do?

If you entered the wrong PIN code three times, you, unfortunately, locked your SIM card. That means you do not have access to the network or your contacts, so you really cannot make calls or use the data. Of course, you will want an immediate solution!

There is just one possible solution for this: find the PUK code.

After locking your phone, it will ask you for the PUK code. It stands for Personal Unlocking Key. Think about it like a second opportunity to get your SIM card back.

The first place where you should look for the PUK code of your SIM card is that plastic card that we mentioned before (where your SIM card came from). However, many people that buy SIM cards just tend to discard that plastic, losing the PIN and PUK code.

So, if you do not have my PUK code, what can you do? How can you unlock your SIM card without the PUK code?

Where can I get my PUK code?

Well, you cannot unlock your SIM card if you do not have your PUK code. However, we can tell you other ways in which you can get it!

One of the ways is by calling customer service. They will provide you with all the information once that you give them some personal information (name, address). Another way to get your PUK code is on your carrier’s website if you have an account. You just need to log in and you will find the PUK code somewhere in your profile.

Be careful, because if you enter the wrong code 10 times, your card will become useless and you will need to get another one.

Our recommendation on this topic would be to always to keep the information (PIN/PUK Code) of your SIM Card somewhere safely stored. It can get you out of trouble if unfortunately, you lock your phone. It is always good to have security measures to safeguard personal information, however, keep in mind that in the case of your SIM card, you will need to have by hand both PIN and PUK code. Otherwise you will lose your SIM card and will have to get a new one!