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The Benefits of eSIMs

Since the beginning of cell phones, the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) has been useful, letting us connect to a network and communicate with people near us and from around the world.

However, at some point, SIM cards became too old-fashioned, compared with the technological advances in other sectors.

​And then, eSIMs appeared!

In previous articles, we have talked about eSIMs and their functionality. However, here we want to explain in further detail the real benefits of eSIMs.

Let’s read on and find out more information about the embedded SIM cards.

General Information about SIM Cards

Traditionally, SIM cards have been used for everyone that has a phone, to stay connected and to communicate with people. With a phone number, you can make and receive calls, and send text messages. Of course, now they also let us use the internet on our phones. You can easily connect your phone to cellular data and then surf on the internet, use social media, and much more.

SIM is an acronym for Subscriber Identity Module, and it holds important information such as your phone number. Besides, it can also contain your contact details and key information to connect to the network.

The SIM cards are also secure. They come with a PIN and PUK code, which are codes that keep your information available only for those who have the combinations. The PIN code, which stands for Personal Identification Number, locks your device every time you turn it on, so you have to enter it to be able to use it. If you enter the wrong number three times in a row, the phone will ask for the PUK code. It stands for Personal Unblocking Key. If you do not remember the code and you enter it wrong ten times, your card will remain locked. This means you are going to lose your SIM card.

As you can imagine, if you ever lose your phone, another person will not be able to use your SIM card without the PIN and PUK code. That is why we suggest you keep save both codes. They are usually in the package where the SIM came from. Just keep the package in a safe place in case you need it later.

What is an eSIM?

eSIMs have come to replace the physical plastic SIM cards. They are embedded SIM cards, which means that they are built into your phone and you cannot remove it or insert it into a device. eSIMs provide the same functions as a normal card: you will have your phone number and your PIN code to limit access to your phone.

Although eSIMs are still “physical”, their size is so small that it lets more room for other features in your phone. This is a great advantage since manufacturers can use that available space to increase other features in the phone (camera, battery).

Something good about them that does not happen with regular SIM cards, is that the information on them is rewritable. It lets you change your network and phone number without having to remove the card.

eSIMs are becoming more and more popular, and many networks are working to start providing this service to their customers.

Benefits of eSIMs

Makes it easier if you want to switch networks

As we mentioned before, the information in the eSIM is rewritable. If you want to change into another mobile network, you only need to make a call to the provider or do it online. With the regular SIM cards, you had to remove the old one and insert the new card. The process with eSIMs is automatic, once that you make the payment you can activate the services.

Have more than one number in your device

Depending on the device that you have, you can have up to five virtual cards at a time. It is excellent if you live in a place where the signal is not stable, so you can switch to the network that has a better signal in that area.

Perfect for travelers

Following the same line of switching networks, if you are traveling to another country, it is easier to stay connected if you use a device with eSIMs. Before, you needed to get the SIM card after you arrive in the country, which can be quite difficult to know where to find if it is your first time in that place. Now, with an eSIM, you can easily do this process at home. Find online an international plan, or a plan from a local network and arrange everything before starting your trip. Once you land in the country, you just activate the eSIM plan.

Uses less physical phone space

As we mentioned before, the eSIM is very small, and it does not need a tray. It means that phone manufacturers can use that available space to improve other features of the phone. For example, a bigger battery that lasts longer. Especially in other handsets, such as smartwatches, that available space could be used to make the device smaller.

There is no need for an ejector tool

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to take out your SIM card and you do not have the ejector tool? You can avoid this with an eSIM.

Do all smartphones have an eSIM?

The most recent smartphones are coming now with this new technology. Here we want to mention some of them in case you are interested in getting one soon and some smartwatches too:

  • All of Apple’s latest iPhones.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra
  • The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL
  • Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 smartwatches
  • Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all networks support eSIM?

Nowadays not all networks support eSIMs, however, their popularity is becoming stronger.

Are you convinced now about the benefits of eSIMs? Get your new smartphone and activate your plan right away. Do not forget to check our previous articles to know how to activate a data plan.